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You might have noticed that I didn’t post anything while I was abroad.  There are a couple of reasons for this.

1.  No one told me WordPress was censored in China.  Hard to blog on WordPress when you can’t access the site.  But I tried. I swear.

2. By the time we got to Korea, the trip was more than half over and time was flying by – I didn’t have time to jot down my thoughts on paper let alone throw a blog post together.

I do still intend to blog about the trip though.  People have already started asking me about it and I don’t want to disappoint so I assure you – I’m working on it!  I still haven’t decided how exactly I’m going to do this though.  I’m toying with a couple of different options.  I will either blog as if I’m still over there, in the present tense and based on the journal I kept.  Or, I’ll just write a series of posts that summarize the trip as a whole but aren’t necessarily a day-by-day sort of account.

We got back Saturday night, I slept all day Sunday, and then I was back at work on Monday & in class Tuesday so I haven’t organized or edited my photos yet but I think as I start to do that (this weekend, I hope), that will help with organizing my thoughts and beginning to form blog posts. I plan to have something posted by the beginning of next week at the latest.

For now, though, let me just say – the trip. was. amazing.  No, really.  Part of me, I think, is hesitant to blog at all right now because I feel like I’m still processing everything and I fear that my posts would just be me rambling, somewhat incoherently, about how *amazing* it all was. But I’ll figure it out.

Until then–



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i am... an animal-loving vegan. a huge dean martin fan. a traveler. a seeker of the truth. a word nerd. a book worm. a caffeine addict. a friend. a daughter. a writer. a lover of blog comments.

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  1. Welcome back! I never knew WordPress was censored in China. With that said, that would make a lot of sense, as it’s the largest country in the world, and I’ve never received a single visit from there in nearly two years.

    • I shouldn’t have been surprised. Lots of apps/sites that I use on a regular basis were blocked. It was strange. Oh, China…


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