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The end of another semester & a preview of the summer ahead

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Well, I can’t believe I’m saying this but another semester is very quickly coming to a close.  This week is the last week of classes; next week is finals.  The end.  Well, not the end.  Just the end of this semester.  I took an online Economics class this semester, a Process Analysis & Cost Management class, a Managing People in Organizations class, a Negotiations class, and an Integrity class.  I’ve loved some of my classes this semester but I’ve also just sort of suffered through part of the semester.  So I’m really excited that after next week I’ll be able to cross another one off the list.

I’m also really excited because I leave for China (and South Korea) on May 16, which is in less than three weeks.  Eighteen days, kids. Eighteen. Days.  I’m going to be honest though – until yesterday when I got my passport back with the pretty little Chinese visa inside, I wasn’t 100% convinced I was going anywhere.  But I am – we are.  The group I’m going with is pretty small – 6 students and 1 faculty member.  It seems to be a good mix of people and I think we’re all going to get along pretty well.  Did I mention that I’m excited?  Because I am SUPER excited.

I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to approach blogging while abroad.  Since it’s possible that other people in my group will direct their friends and family to my blog, I want to keep it fairly general – general updates on what we’re doing, photos, etc.  In other words, minimal personal reflection and thoughts.  My hope is that I’ll be able to blog at least every other day while we’re gone with some sort of update.  But when we get back, I’m thinking I’ll plan on some sort of wrap up post with a more personalized response to the trip.

Also, when we get back from the trip, I’ll be working on an independent study, based, in part, on the trip.  I’m focusing on the role of gender in international marketing and I’ll be doing, I think, a sort of compare/contrast between the US, China, and South Korea.  I’m getting nerdy excited about it.

It’s going to be an amazing summer & I can’t wait to get it started.